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Adaptive Interfaces provides smart digital instruments for Experimental, Home Built and Light Sport aircraft.

Our goal is to make high quality instruments that offer high functionality while providing information to a pilot in a simple, easy to read way.  The instruments use standard 2-1/4 inch mounting holes and have bright, high-visibility LED displays that are easy to read and provide active notification of conditions that may require the pilot's attention.  All instrument graphics and legends have internal, adjustable backlighting for ease of reading at night.  We want you to spend more time enjoying your flight and less time monitoring instruments.

The instruments are designed in a way that makes them easy to adapt to existing aircraft panels.  They are an ideal way to design or upgrade an instrument panel without the cost or complexity of an all-in-one system monitor.  If your panel already has an all-in-one monitor, these instruments offer redundancy for monitoring critical systems and eliminate single point-of-failure issues.

Adaptive Interfaces instruments are supported with pre-wired cable assemblies, detailed user manuals and demonstration videos.  We also offer telephone and e-mail support for any questions, issues or suggestions.



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